Parousia: The Bible and the mass

This is a journey through scripture, hosted by Scott Hahn to uncover why all God’s action, in creation & redemption, is ordered to the Mass. https://stpaulcenter.com/studies-tools/journey-through-scripture/parousia-the-bible-and-the-mass/

Lenten Bible Course

6 weekly sessions to break open each Lenten Sunday Gospel…..before you go to Sunday mass. Led by Mauro Iannecelli https://comeandsee.org/lent.html


A 6 week Lent course for practising Christians, or for people with some Christian background, who wish to renew their faith in Lent.


CAFOD’S ON LINE Lent Calendar which has a daily scripture, chance to reflect, pray and take justice action with the worldwide family.

Prayer 11

This Lent course in Christian spirituality is intended as an introduction to some of the themes found in living the Christian spiritual life. Some of these themes might make us feel uncomfortable. For example, the theme of obedience. Our desire to be in control of every aspect of our own lives is often considered normal and good in today’s world. Yet, for those who have taken their pursuit of God seriously, it is clear that a willingness to be obedient to God is a necessary attitude if we are going to make progress on that journey. Jesus, himself, says that this is necessary (Luke 11 : 28, John 14 : 23) and makes it clear that he chose to live a life of obedience to his Father’s will (John 8 : 55).

Diocesan Resources

For Youth: Your Faith in Action.
A series of talks 22 nd February – 22 nd March, 7.30 – 8.30pm through zoom. Age 13 plus. Organised by Saskia Hogbin our diocesan youth ministry events coordinator.

Fr. Ian Hellyer
Lent reflections on the theme of worship through a scriptural approach.

Fr. Brian Kenwrick
Tuesday 23 rd February at 6.30pm – second presentation by Fr. Brian

Fr. Mark Skelton
Meeting ID: 846 6700 5013
Passcode: 608518

Week One.
Mon 22nd Feb
Gerard Barry – “The Freedom of Lent” – How celebrating Lent in Prison can
be a guide to our reflection in Lockdown

Wed 24 th Feb
Sarah Kate Adams. – “Transforming and Healing the wounded soul”

Week Two.
Mon 1 st March
Thurs 4 th March
Fellow Creatures”

Week Three.
Mon 8 th March
Thurs 11 th March

Week Four.
Mon 15 th March
Wed 17 th March

Week Five.
Mon 22 nd March
Wed 24 th March

David John – “A Lenten walk in the mountains with Thumper”
Peter Coxe. – “Empowering Our Relationship with God, Ourselves &
Mark Nash. – “Mending the Nets”. Preparing for Mission.
Peter Montgomery – “Guilt and Shame in a Post modern world”
Ned Wall – “A radical Jesus in Lent”
Jonathan Stewart. – “Vice or Virtue -the Path to Holiness”
Anthony Hodges. – “The Ecology of Lent – a call to Life”
Karen Cortes Foong. – “The Black Madonna’s Invitation to honour the
Follow the Sunday Gospels throughout Lent – https://www.jesuit.org.uk/bbc-and-jesuits-britain-bring-you-special-lent-retreat

Jesuits in Britain (in conjunction with the BBC)
This Lent, BBC Radio 4 will explore aspects of Ignatian spirituality and point listeners to ‘Knowing Jesus’, an online retreat being offered by the Ignatian Spirituality Centre in Glasgow. This retreat is available to anyone in the world with access to the Internet who wants to immerse themselves in the spirituality of St Ignatius.