Baptism – the Seal of Eternal Life

Baptism is the most fundamental Sacrament of all. It has the most dramatic effect on the recipient and is literally life changing. All of the ministries we carry out in the Church and in the world (such as reading at Mass, singing in the choir, acts of charity, work for justice etc., even up to the vocation to marriage and raising families, and the vocation to Holy Orders – deacons, priests and bishops) all and without exception flow from Baptism – they are specific ways God has called us to live out the implications of our Baptism. In a nutshell: Christ challenged us to “be holy as your heavenly Father is holy”. This is completely beyond us without the grace and strength of God – so He provides this grace (His divine life – Himself) in Baptism. What we then go and do to become holy (marry, work for the sick, seek ordination etc.), is only made possible because of the grace of Baptism, giving us the strength to choose and pursue the good to which Christ invites us.

Parents are prepared for the Baptism of their Children.

Co-ordinator: Susanne Kowal on 07929 004202

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