Street Pastors

Torbay & Newton Abbot Street Pastors
                                                                                                 Charity No: 1123087
                                                                                                   Tel: 07933 136418                                        

Founded in London In Jan 2003 with just 18 people

Now over 15,000 in the UK in 280 locations and some abroad

We have seen remarkable results including drops in crime and fear of crime……..

An inter-denominational Christian response to society’s problems partnership with Police and local Councils

Torbay & Newton Abbot Street Pastors

Set up almost 20 years ago …. volunteer Pastors are recruited from many local churches. We are actively looking for new recruits.

What street pastors do?

After comprehensive training, we patrol the Strand & Harbour side at night on foot in distinctive Street Pastor uniforms, helping and caring for people in practical ways.

“We call it doing Gods work on the Streets.”

Caring, listening, helping!

We help bring calm to aggressive situations

We listen to those who want or need to talk often protecting the vulnerable from injury, robbery or assault saving Police, NHS and Court time/costs

We give out flip-flops to young women to prevent injury to their feet from broken glass after suffering from those very high heel shoes

We provide blankets to people at risk of exposure/hypothermia

We patrol on Saturday evenings from 10.00 pm until 2.00 pm, each Pastor on a 4 weekly rota

We do not preach, bible bash or promote a church

We do pray with people on the streets – people are given reassurance/advice/directions

We administer minor first aid and where necessary we call Emergency Services         

Street Pastors are undergirded by Prayer Pastors who pray for the teams on patrol – We have had some amazing answers to prayer!                      

We urgently need new Street Pastors for more information on becoming a Street or Prayer Pastor/or to arrange a night’s observation please contact:

Barney or Liz Bettesworth or phone 01803 606807

Parishioners of The Church of The Assumption, Abbey Rd., Totquay

Alternatively you can pray for us, or become a friend of Torbay Street Pastors and help us financially.

Declaration of interest –  Liz and Barney Bettesworth have been Torbay Street Pastors for about 8 years.  For the last 3 years Barney has been a Trustee…..