SYNOD 2021 – 2024

Over the past 18 months-our Parish has engaged in the Synod as recommended by the Diocese. The notes made from the initial minutes were collated in this Diocese, as in each Diocese. These were then collated into a National Synthesis Document by the Bishops’ Conference. Click here to download the document that was produced and forwarded to Rome.

Each country across the 5 continents sent their national document to Rome. These have now also been collated by the Vatican into a document entitled “Enlarge the space of your tent” and can be downloaded here.

The attached diagram, entitled The Synodal Process 2021-2024 shows the progress of the process – we are now completing Stage 2. Click here to download.

These documents now reside with the Bishops for further action.

The Way Forward now for our Parish

it is time for us to put what we have discovered about ourselves, our Parishes and issues that affect each of us into some kind of action: a Synodal way of being Church together, both in our Parishes and in our area. Plans are now in hand for a gathering of Parishes around Torbay to come together and explore where and how we can forge a pathway together on our Synodal Journey.

Watch this space!